Life-Giving Breath

dawn zentner

January 19, 2021

Most of the time I am busy doing. Doing the things. Thinking the thoughts. My mind taking its own path, going down holes and following rabbits. But in rare moments when I’m out living my life, doing the things, time stops. Something has caught me unaware.. has snagged into my awareness and brought me to precious moments of stillness. I cease the doing. And for a few seconds at least, I am struck breathless.

I am taken aback when they come unannounced, surprised and astounded by heart-stopping Beauty and momentous Grace of this Divine Earth.

I Stop, Observe, Take it All in. And in so doing, I am reminded of the Knowing, the Truth that I am here, I am connected to this. This air that I breathe is borne of the soil and the leaves… I breathe in particles of cellulose from distant forests and remote waters. I breathe out as the Sea inhales. It is here that we come home to ourselves.

‘I listen to the wind, the wind of my soul.’ ~Cat Stevens

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