The Only Way Through…

dawn zentner

February 9, 2022

Have you ever noticed how the BIG challenging emotions – each experience of them… possibly a new situation, or an old one… each revolution of that emotion has the effect of circling back… Each new experience of it causes us to revisit the previous ones so that we are invited to uncover, unravel, heal more of the ones that came before.  Almost as though the emotion layers, and de-layers all at the same time.

And even the mildly challenging emotions do the same thing – but because they are less big, we don’t notice them so much.  Sometimes they go by relatively silently… they pass by… or we pass THEM by.   Because they make less of a ruckus, we pretend they weren’t here at all.  But they are.  In silent, inconspicuous accumulation they are still here.

Someone clever said “the only way through is through”.  Right through like an arrow.  Noticing.  Feeling.  Giving it air & space to move. 

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