Quiet Joy

dawn zentner

February 5, 2022

In a recent practice I was asked (as we often are) to focus inward.  For years I thought I was doing so…some days better able.. some days struggling to tune in at all.  Over the past year, I’ve been intent.. dedicated to a conscious embodiment practice. The focus has been a game changer in, for example, the depth and breadth of what is alive in me.

The other day I noticed a sadness at first.  Reflective.  Sensitivity.  Tenderness.  A desire to pause. 

At the same time, a vibrant electricity; excitement to dance, create and play!  Joy.  Not the explosive exuberance you might imagine with the word, but the one I am most familiar with: quiet, intense, steady, mountainous joy… the kind that doesn’t move or waver… the kind that rain falls on and the rain is felt but the mountain is still & calm, exactly as it was.  

I felt into the gentle, immense and exquisite power of being able to feel it all and to be completely grounded and calm.  

In that moment, awareness that all the practice, all of these years have culminated into this. All of it; all the time, and quiet steady joy??✨

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