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It creeps in, doubt. It slinks in unannounced like a shadowy cloud soup. At first just a bit of doldrum within perfectly fine; one tiny corner of dullness or heaviness, and then maybe another.

Doubt. It happens to all of us. Recurrently.



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Breathwork is attracting a lot of attention these days, but just how does it accomplish all it says it does? With practice, you can use breath to calm your nervous system, ease anxiety, help you sleep, increase focus and energy and even shift attitudes & perceptions. It may seem obvious, but practicing breathwork can help […]

Demystifying Breathwork


I’m often asked this question, and others like it.. ‘What does the term ‘embodiment’ actually mean?  ‘If I can feel my body, does that mean I am embodied?’  I’m IN my body, so am I not by default ‘embodied’?’

What is Embodiment?


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I read a quote this morning that spurred a memory.  Something old, way older (I believe, than this beingness) … because, frankly it’s something I knew way before I could ‘know’ it.  

As a young child, I was fascinated with National Geographic.  Fascinated at ? 4 or 5 years old? 

Age of Oneness

Spiritual Contemplation

Someone clever said “the only way through is through”.  Right through like an arrow.  Noticing.  Feeling.  Giving it air & space to move. 

The Only Way Through…


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I felt into the gentle, immense and exquisite power of being able to feel it all and to be completely grounded and calm.

Quiet Joy

Joyful Living

It creeps in, doubt. It slinks in unannounced like a shadowy cloud soup. At first just a bit of doldrum within perfectly fine; one tiny corner of dullness or heaviness, and then maybe another.



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Most of the time I am busy doing. Doing the things. Thinking the thoughts. My mind taking its own path, going down holes and following rabbits. But in rare moments when I’m out living my life, doing the things, time stops.

Life-Giving Breath


Woman enjoying a moment of solitude and stillness outdoors.


"I feel very fortunate to have had incredibly healing experiences facilitated by Dawn.
The safe and caring space she held opened possibility for transformational breakdowns and breakthroughs. By the closing of each session I felt a deep level of peace that has been embodied and carried with me through my everyday. I am eternally thankful for the gentle wisdom that Dawn gifted me with and I look forward to more of her presence and connection."


"In a virtual breathwork session, I was amazed at the depth and power of the session. Dawn is a fantastic facilitator. She holds space fully & continually and provides caring & loving instruction for the session. Her voice is a grounding tether as the process unravels.
 I felt safe and connected to her despite the distance between us."


"I have had the pleasure of being a part of several breathwork sessions with Dawn. The experience is transformational. The sessions I’ve had have opened me up to a deeper understanding of myself and connection with the consciousness of the Universe. I often leave the session in a state of euphoria as the release of the emotions are so pure and satisfying."

what clients are saying

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